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    Business & technology consultancy,
    focusing on mission-critical areas
    of the capital market.
    Liquidity Provisioning | Market-Making | Cash equities | Derivatives | ETFs | Securities lending&borrowing | Asset management
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    Delivering from strategy to execution
    The rapid pace of technology adoption is expected to further separate the leaders and laggards.
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    Electronic Trading | Risk and Trade Management | Operations and Data Management | Collateral Management
    We assist in the design and operation
    of market infrastructure
    We prepare technical specifications, supporting the procurement process and implementation of the products and more.

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Epixoo is a technology and business consultancy specialising in designing, building Liquidity Provisioning/Market-Making desks in cash equities, derivatives, ETFs. We work with companies across the financial market’s ecosystem including financial intermediaries, stock exchanges and other trading platforms, clearinghouses, securities depositories, technology vendors.

We combine deep local insight and experience with a global knowledge base to drive positive change for our clients. We have expertise in Electronic Trading, Risk and Trade Management, Operations and Data Management, Collateral Management and we provide Business, Management and Technology Consulting services to buy- and sell-side businesses as well as exchanges. Our approach is tailor-made to fit with each client’s problem with an emphasis on building long-term strategic partnerships that foster collaboration and trust.

We assist in the design and operation of market infrastructure, preparing technical specifications, supporting the procurement process and implementation of the products and finally delivering customised training to market participants. We support capital markets participants in implementing their risk management framework to comply with regulatory requirements.


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Our services

Our services


Epixoo's Business Consulting Services provide the advice, strategy and implementation services required to improve and optimise business functions and help our clients continue to deliver differentiated and profitable solutions. Our team works closely with each client to identify, design and implement a bespoke approach that addresses their most pressing business needs and adapts to ongoing industry changes.

Key Benifits

Many see that 3rd party vendor selection and integration as a complex and expensive process. Over the years, we worked with the buy and sell side and financial market infrastructure vendors to understand better the specific requirements that the financial intermediaries expect in each system. As a result, we managed to build an extensive knowledge of the critical systems used in the capital markets, from market-making trading venues to securities lending and borrowing to asset management. As an independent consultant, we help you to find the right venue from writing the BRD which suits your requirements to go live with the product.
Yes, we do have office in Doha, Qatar and yes, we do provide on-site support.
The benefits of technological developments and electronic trading should not overshadow the potential risks that these innovations can pose. Yes, we can help to build a risk management system such as pre-trading limits, monitoring trading activity, risk-based margining systems and market-maker protection tools. In addition, we can help you design your risk management framework and calibrate the different positions and stop-loss limits.
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